INSTOPP was founded in 1998.  Our mission is to:

  • Providing a professional organisation for Occupational Therapists in private practice in the Republic of South Africa

  • Promoting co-operation amongst Occupational Therapists in private practice, both nationally and internationally and with other health professional groups.

  • Publish news through a variety of channels, such as newsletters, WhatsApp groups and social media

  • Provide information on all aspects of private practice

  • Sustain a structure of electronic information on all aspects of private practice, including policies of government departments affecting the private sector

  • Facilitate the exchange of information and publications to promote research in specialized areas of practice

  • Private practitioners on standing committees and branches within OTASA 

  • Assist the OTASA Ethical committee  to maintain the ethics of the profession

  • Ensuring continuous professional education pertaining to the private practitioner, by offering courses which promote a high standard of:

  1. Therapeutic intervention

  2. Efficient practice management

  3. Professional behaviour

  4. Ethics of the profession

  • Maintaining a directory of full paid up members of the Institute

  • Investing in recognised financial institutions, those monies of the Institute that is not required for immediate use.

  • Making money available for fellowships, study grants, travel allowances or awards of a similar nature to members of the Institute as decided by the Board.

  • To promote community work

Stang-up Meeting

The INSTOPP team is made up of dedicated and experienced private practice OT’s from various geographic areas and fields of interest.


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