The following minimum requirements were set out by INSTOPP as a guideline:

  • Registration with the HPCSA.
  • Registration with the Board of Health Care Funders (BHF).
  • OTASA.
  • Membership of appropriate specialized groups in the field of practice.
  • Knowledge on the rules and ethical standards set out by the HPCSA and the Professional Board for Occupational Therapy.
  • Knowledge on fee structures.
  • Mentoring.


Although not enforceable, it is highly recommended that you have the following experience prior to entering into private practice:

  • Paediatrics – 2 years general experience, or 2 years in a paediatric clinic or facility.
  • Psychiatry – 3 years in psychiatric institution or clinic.
  • Physical – 2 years general physical including one year in the speciality field chosen.
  • Medico-legal work – 3-5 years’ experience including at least 18 months in speciality field or area of expertise.
  • Placement of students – We recommend at least one year experience in your current private practice.