1 September 2020

For more than two decades, our mission as INSTOPP has been to Serve, Inform, Represent and Develop Private Practitioners in South Africa.

Starting and running a private practice is not without challenges, especially when the focus of your work is to assess and treat patients effectively. It requires us to continuously stay abreast of new developments, navigate the rollercoaster of the economy, keep up with legislation changes and funder challenges, in order to provide for ourselves and care for our families. Besides delivering quality OT services, financial health, practice sustainability and success are non-negotiables.

As INSTOPP, we want to make sure that the fire that burns within private practitioners remains warm and bright. As private practitioners, Occupational Therapy is our CORE business.


With this as our departure point, we embarked on a journey to explore strategic partnerships with external service providers to support Private Practitioners in management of practice issues that we do not have the capacity for, such as billing support, dealing with non-payment of PMBs, understanding and positioning private practices for NHI, engaging with medical schemes about issues and working to position OT in South Africa as a strong profession in healthcare.



We’re excited to announce that we as INSTOPP are collaborating with ProfNet, a seasoned services provider in the healthcare industry, powered by EzMED. This collaboration will allow us to expand and improve the quality of our membership services to address the admin burden in practices and allow more time to do what members love: assess and treat clients and collect practice based evidence automatically to address issues in the health industry.



While INSTOPP’s direct focus is on Occupational Therapists in Private Practice (and from there the need to tailor our membership services), we envision our strategic partnership with the Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA) to go from strength to strength, as we continue to collaborate and support their endeavour to achieve what is best for Occupational Therapy as a profession in South Africa. As INSTOPP, we deliberately choose not to duplicate OTASA’s offering of services to members, and therefor encourage all private practitioners to continue their membership to OTASA as the Association that represents occupational therapy in South Africa.



We invite you to visit our new website – www.instopp.co.za and review the membership services to be made available soon for 2021 Website: www.instopp.co.za | Email: admin@instopp.co.za



If you’d like to be notified once official registration is open (or have any questions or comments) please complete our contact form HERE:


While 2020 had its struggles, we look to the bright future, of a life-changing profession.


Yours in Occupational Therapy