Team Meeting

9 November 2020

Dear INSTOPP member,

We have received feedback from OTASA Exco on our proposal and other communications sent during the course of 2020. 


As we’ve communicated during the course of the past year, our intention has always been to serve Occupational Therapists in Private Practice with a more tailored service, hence the decision of dual membership. Our wish from the onset was to continue our relationship in some or other form with OTASA, and believe that our engagements to date are testament to that.


We have sought clarification on a number of issues in the past few months from OTASA EXCO, as our access to services and feedback through the OT Office had been reduced, without prior notice.  It is now confirmed that INSTOPP is no longer recognised as an affiliate, seemingly due to the perception that INSTOPP is in direct competition with OTASA for membership.   We have however noted our disagreement with this perception, as we have always supported the motivation that INSTOPP members should be OTASA members and that, at present, all INSTOPP members are OTASA members.  We acknowledge that the dual membership will commence from 1 January 2021. 


We have decided to divert services away from the OT Office from September 2020, to not be insensitive to OTASA and the process of change towards a new INSTOPP.  Furthermore, to adhere to the requests of OTASA in their letter, the OTASA logo has already been removed from the INSTOPP logo, and all marketing material going forward will carry the updated version of the INSTOPP logo.

The INSTOPP website links to the public OTASA website and the contact details of the OT Office on the website have been removed, as per OTASA’s request.   We have purposefully provided this information to drive traffic to the OTASA website’s public information and to encourage OTASA membership.

We respectfully took note of the need to protect the intellectual property of all OTASA documents.


OTASA requested that INSTOPP must acknowledge its error in the circulation of any information prior to the resolution of all outstanding issues between INSTOPP and OTASA.   In our view, we communicated our envisaged services to members and pledged our support to OTASA and have requested that OTASA indicate the specific information of concern, in order for us to respect this request.  There has never been an intention to share the future nature of the relationship between OTASA and INSTOPP, as the specifics have not been determined or resolved as yet.   


We encourage current and future members of INSTOPP remain members or to become members of OTASA.  As INSTOPP EXCO we categorically state that OTASA remains the association for all OTs in South Africa and that we are respectful of that. 


Kind regards,

Haneke Jonas & INSTOPP Exco