12 November 2020

We are excited to showcase our membership services for 2021, for which the first payment is only payable in the new year.


You are invited to register now already, so that your details is visible on our FIND an OT  – functionality helping members of the public locate an OT in their respective area.


Below are our membership services for 2021 – we will communicate as soon as membership plans can be selected.



The following membership services are open for registration, with the first payment only deducted in January 2021. And if you register now, your details will already be visible on our FIND AN OT-section, helping members of the public find an OT in their area.
















For support or questions on our membership options, please email



You can also look forward to a host of powerful webinar sessions in 2021. We continuously engage with members to make sure our workshop-topics cover all the areas of interest, so if there’s a specific topic in mind, please let us know via





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R150 per month

  1. Discount on INSTOPP CPD, training activities and products   

  2. Integrated CPD Manager

  3. 2 hours forensic support per year for reviews by medical schemes.  (Usually R500 per hour.)  

  4. 1 hour mentorship for practice management per year.  (Usually R500 per hour.)  

  5. Industry news

  6. A profile on the “Find an OT online”  directory on the INSTOPP website

  7. Email support on Coding, Billing, Ethics, and other Private Practice matters



R300 per month

All the Base INSTOPP membership benefits, PLUS:


  1. Comprehensive ICD-10 services, including ICD-10 code lookup, PMB conditions cross mapped to ICD-10 codes and access to the Healthcare Helpline – ICD-10 & PMB

  2. Patient: Practice agreements 

  3. Website builder – build and manage your own website, for free and with zero hosting costs

  4. Access to important industry documents, including relevant Acts, Position Papers, Reports and Booklets, all in one place



R515 per month

All the Blue INSTOPP membership benefits, PLUS:


  1. Discounted rates on DUXAH CPD and training activities

  2. Preferential Point of Sale rates

  3. Employment Contracts for Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff

  4. HR policies and procedures

  5. Important Funder Information, including plans and benefits of medical schemes, Payment Arrangements and Networks

  6. Health code index including comprehensive and up-to-date:

  • NAPPI Code search

  • RPL/Procedure Code search

  • Tariff search per medical scheme



R1 200 per month

All the Silver INSTOPP membership benefits, PLUS:


  1. Use of EZMed: An all-encompassing one-stop practice solution that enables the practice to consolidate its various financial and administration requirements into one intelligent, mobile, easy solution.   

  2. Additional services include:

  • EDI

  • SMS’s

  • Telehealth