INSTOPP has set out the following minimum requirements as guideline to set up your own Private Practice:

  • Registration with the HPCSA – register HERE

  • Registration with the Board of Health Care Funders (BHF) – register HERE

  • Membership of special interest groups in the field of practice

  • Knowledge on the rules and ethical standards as set out by the HPCSA – click HERE 

  • Rules of conduct pertaining specifically to the profession of Occupational Therapy – click HERE (Booklet 2, Annexure 7 – page 38)

  • Knowledge on coding and billing in private practice.  For your next coding and billing course, view our course calendar

  • Mentorship in your area of interest. Please email

  • Although OTASA membership is not a requirement to be a Private Practitioner, INSTOPP strongly encourage all OTs in Private Practice to consider OTASA membership

  • Medical Schemes list.